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Stringing Tennis, Squash and Badminton rackets from anywhere in the UK

Tennis Strings

Prince Synthetic Gut with Duraflex (White) (1.35mm)
One of the world's most popular synthetic gut strings. Engineered with Duraflex which is a heat resistant barrier that provides a 50% increase in durability and contributes to all round performance.

Wilson Sensation Control (Natural) (1.30mm)
High performance multifilament string combining power and control, designed for the players seeking poly control and Sensation's renowned playability and comfort.

Babolat RPM Hurricane (Yellow) (1.30mm)
High quality pro tour string for strong baseline play.

Babolat RPM Blast (Black) (1.30mm)
Pro tour power string with an octagonal shape for maximised spin. Used by Raphael Nadal, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga and Samantha Stosur.

Luxilon 4G (Gold) (1.25mm)
Legendary Luxilon power and spin with superior tension maintenance and more comfortable than the Alu power.

Tecnifibre X-One Biphase 16 (Natural) (1.30mm)
Exceptional quality feel and control on the ball. High performance multi-filament string for club players and frequent players demanding more. With a softer feel this string is recomended for anyone wanting less pressure on their wrist and elbow. Not for players looking for durability, this string is all about feeling the ball. Players wanting more durability or that use heavy topspin should try the Babolat or Luxilon strings.

Squash Strings

Tecnifibre Synthetic Gut - (Gold) (1.25mm)
Entry level, versatile synthetic gut string for beginners or occasional players.

Prince Lightning XX (Silver, Red or Black) (1.25mm)
Popular squash string with explosive power and improved durability.

Ashaway SuperNick XL - (White with red and blue spiral) (1.25mm)
Ashaway SuperNick XL offers soft playability with a textured surface, delivering optimum ball control and excellent resilience in all racquets. SuperNick XL has a multifilament construction for gut-like performance.

Tecnifibre 305 - (Green) (1.20mm)
High quality performance squash string with great feel and control on the ball. Tecnifibre 305 provides more comfort and better feel, as well as anti abrasion coating for increased durability. 305 has a thin gauge for higher ball speed and maximum shock absorption.

Badminton Strings

Yonex BG65 - (White or Blue) (0.70mm)
Used by many of the world's top badminton players. Superior quality, feel and control for the performance player and regular player.
Repulsion Power: 6
Durability: 8
Hitting Sound: 6
Shock Absorption: 6
Control: 6

Yonex BG80 (Yellow) (0.68mm)
Similar to the Yonex BG65's superb performance but with a bit more power and snap on the shuttle and comes in bright yellow.
Repulsion Power: 8
Durability: 6
Hitting Sound: 7
Shock Absorption: 6
Control: 6

Yonex BG80 POWER (Orange) (0.68mm)
This Yonex string is all about the power and comes in striking orange.
Repulsion Power: 10
Durability: 5
Hitting Sound: 8
Shock Absorption: 6
Control: 6

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